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My Story Begins With

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time … yes I know!  What a cliché but I cannot remember when it was that I became completely disenchanted with the cosmetic industry. 

I  have spent many years working in the cosmetic industry and I still found myself paying unreasonably large amounts of money for overpriced cosmetics that were not working that well.   When I looked through the ingredients listed on my cosmetics I found some rather interesting ingredients.   I did some homework and to my dismay found that my very expensive cosmetics were filled with difficult to pronounce cheap petrochemicals.

I found that these chemicals were everywhere, from shampoo and facial cleansers to bubble baths and toothpaste.  Having studied environmental science, I can tell you that these chemicals are toxic.  I realised that all those chemical laden cosmetics where being absorbed by my skin and into my body.

I realised that the only way to go “green” would be to produce cosmetics myself, and then I would know exactly what was in them.

My exciting journey begins with SOAP, all natural goat’s milk soap.  I researched the history of soap making looked into modern soap making.  Here is where my education in chemistry and biology merged with my training as an esthetician came into play.  I researched the properties of soap making oils, which oils produced a firm soap, which a soft, sudsy, gentle soap.  Then I looked at the elements around me … my farm.  I have a variety of animals, including Nubian goats.  Knowing that goat’s milk has many great properties when ingested I researched it’s properties when applied topically.  What do you know, there are numerous, amazing nurturing properties that can benefit the skin.  Sure enough I set out milking “my girls”!  It has been an exciting journey and it still is as I continue to create soaps.


A Labour of Love

Handmade soap is a labour of love, created in the traditional cold-pressed method that requires six weeks of curing to ensure a beautiful, rich, evenly textured long lasting soap with a silky finish.  My soaps can be used by all ages. 

Our Mission

  • To Produce the finest, purest, natural goat's milk soap at honest, competitive prices.
  • All our soaps are chemical free, preservative free, not tested on animals and an environmentally sustainable product.
  • Our dedication to customer service means that we ensure that every time our customer deals with GreenDay Farms, it is a pleasant and memorable experience.